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We have been studying women’s skin seriously for 30 years

We have been studying seriously the skin of tens of thousands of women for 30 years, from our founding until today. In our R & D office we have accumulated an enormous amount of data on skin from our customers. As an important database, this information has become a precious asset for us, a cosmetic manufacturer, to study skin, develop raw materials and products, improve techniques, and work toward quality assurance and safety.

To improve the skin of each customer

While some women are always radiant and look young, others look older than their age. A huge gap is sometimes created between the real age and the appearance age (skin age). Conventional skincare is for seasonal skin troubles or customers’ personal skin troubles, regardless of skin age. The MISS ESTHE Skin Navigation System uses an original skin analysis system and investigates the skin age from various perspectives such as spot age (age of the skin based on the appearance of age spots), wrinkle age (age of skin based on the appearance of wrinkles), and skin texture age (age of the skin based on its texture). Thus, we can suggest the treatment and cosmetics that are necessary for each customer’s present skin conditions.

MISS ESTHE will assist your salon operation with the MISS ESTHE Skin Navigation System and our group’s productive backup system.

MISS ESTHE also provides body treatment. Please consider it together with skincare.

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