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What is MISS ESTHE Body Treatment?
The combination of 3 treatments will create a sculpted body with great customer satisfaction.
Our new sensational body treatment is a combination of 3 treatments: “Powertree Treatment” gently works on muscles and fascia using an esthetic tool that is shaped to nicely fit the body’s lines, “Mega Compass Treatment” uses high-density sonic waves, and we provided our original “hand treatment.” These body treatments will create an ideal, beautiful figure by working areas deep inside the body that cannot be reached with hands to approach fat, muscles, and fascia.
Whole body treatment to reduce weight
Whole-body course
  • ■ Whole-body course (about 75 minutes)
  • ■ Upper-body intensive course (about 60 minutes)
  • ■ Lower-body intensive course (about 60 minutes)
  • Intensive approach treatment to make particular body parts thinner
    Intensive course
  • ■ Upper arms—back course (about 75 minutes)
  • ■ Abdomen—thighs course (about 75 minutes)
  • ■ Legs—hip course (about 75 minutes)
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