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The story of our group* and what we want to share with you, our business partners
Growing into a leading company in the esthetic business

Our group* started this business 33 years ago with 1 salon and 7 staff members. We did not have enough funds, fashionable equipment, or specifically distinguished staff. All that we had in those days was our high motivation, solidarity, a positive way of living, and a positive attitude that allowed us to see and think in the right way. Based on these qualities, we developed our business. Currently, we have about 50 esthetic salons under our direct management and about 100 franchise*1 salons nationwide. We also have 5 overseas subsidiaries in locations such as South Korea, Shanghai, Singapore, Malaysia, and France. The total assets of the entire group were about 15.3 billion yen and the net assets were about 9 billion yen in FY2016. We have grown to become a leading company in the esthetic industry.

Contributing to the society through beauty and health sought by all women

Our group* has been studying seriously the skin of tens of thousands of women for 33 years, since our founding until today. We have put a priority on the real needs of customers and made efforts to manufacture products with high reliability and safety. In July 2009, we started to operate a cosmetic manufacturing factory and have since been manufacturing cosmetics according to strict procedures of marketing, planning, research and development, production, and quality control. We will contribute to the beauty and health of society by developing products and treatments that can satisfy each customer in the future.

A new form of the facial salon business

We will introduce our “MISS ESTHE Skin Navigation System,” a totally new form of the facial salon business that has been established using the expertise and results that our group* has accumulated over 30 years. This system will provide our customers with skin age analysis determined by our original MISS ESTHE analysis machine, treatment based on the results of the analysis, and cosmetics designated by 5-year age groups. This system is particularly recommended for those who want to start a beauty business or who are currently running a facial salon with limited results. Our group* holds national conferences and seminars, gives presentations on good business salon models at various trainings, delivers lectures, frequently shares opinions about management, and provides expertise regarding attracting customers and maintaining productive training systems. We at MISS ESTHE Co. Ltd. commit ourselves to supporting you with our group’s* long-time experience.

  • MISS ESTHE Co. Ltd.
  • CEO Hayami Tabe
  • Capital: 50 million yen
  • ⁂MISS ESTHE Co. Ltd. is a 100% subsidiary of Bloom Classic Co. Ltd.
  • Bloom Classic Co. Ltd.
  • CEO Hayami Tabe
  • Capital: 100 million yen
  • 692 employees in the group (As of April 1, 2019, including employees of domestic, overseas, and affiliated subsidiaries, board of directors, and part-time employees)
  • Sales (consolidated):7,63 billion yen (FY2019)
  • Net assets (consolidated): 18,22 billion yen (FY2019)
  • Total assets (consolidated): 11,93 billion yen (FY2019)
  • * Our group is comprised of Bloom Classic Co. Ltd., a parent company, and 10 domestic, 5 overseas subsidiaries.
    *1 It is not an ordinary FC system. Please ask our staff for more details.
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