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Here are the voices of our group’s* member owners
who have made their dreams come true

President Ms. Norie Sunami

[Member for 20 years, Okayama]

Our company has been a member of the group for 20 years. I started my career as a staff member and took a position as president in September 2015. I met Mr. Tabe, the representative of the group, in 1993. The last president of our company sympathized with Mr. Tabe’s ways of living and thinking and decided to join the group following his guidance.
The salon started with 3 staff members, and monthly sales were less than 1 million yen. The last president strongly believed that he could do something to ensure that the business would run smoothly. He therefore repeatedly participated in national conferences and trainings held by the headquarters. Many times, he also had visited directly managed salons with good sales records. Through these efforts, he acquired not only the skills but also the right ways of seeing things and thinking about them (a decision-making standard), based on the company philosophy, and put them into practice one by one while developing the salon management.
As a result, we currently have 10 salons (including 2 of our own buildings) in Okayama, Kurashiki, and Fukuyama, with 90 employees. We have grown to an organization that can set our sales target of FY2016 at 1 billion yen.
As people say, “The people you meet can change your life.” I think I was destined to meet Mr. Tabe. He taught me happiness of succeeding at challenging things for fulfilling dreams and goals. I am really grateful to him.

President Mr. Yuzo Horikawa

[Member for 9 years, Tokyo] 

The esthetic salon where I used to work as a manager had a business with the group, and that’s how I met the group. I visited a directly managed salon for my study. I was interested because the staff’s attitude toward their work was totally different from that of our salon. I decided to learn from this group and develop my own staff to be like theirs when I start my own business. Thus, I became a member of the group.
I joined the group in 2007 when I started my own business. I have now 5 salons in Tokyo with 50 employees and have developed the company with FY2016 sales target of 783 million yen. By the year 2020, I want to expand the company to have 10 salons with 100 employees in the Kanto region, aiming for annual sales of 2 billion yen.
I could develop my company to its current size because I could learn the original sales expertise of the group as well as the training system. I also had opportunities to get direct management advice from Mr. Tabe at national conferences. In addition to the headquarters and directly managed salons, I could meet the member owners of the group, who inspired me and taught me a lot. It was a significant factor for me.
Since starting my own business, I have always been impressed with the future and stability of esthetic business and the future growth of this high profit, wonderful business model.

President Ms. Mariko Nishijima

[Member for 19 years, Fukuoka]

When our company joined the group, I was working as a staff member and a beginner in the beauty industry. I found it hard to make progress. However, when I visited a directly managed salon and saw the actual business model, my ideas and standards changed greatly. Most of all, I still cannot forget the impact and impression of the sight of the group’s headquarters building. After that, we set our goal: “We will build our own building in the center of Fukuoka.” Under the leadership of the last owner, we worked together for 3 years and achieved that goal. It was a moment when I felt that our strongest wish would come true.
I took over the position of president last year, and now every day I work hard as a manager. In my present position, I feel that we are supported by the detailed consideration and support system of the headquarters. Even if I did not know what to do, I could get a clear vision of the future every time I participated in a national conference held by the headquarters a few times a year.
Our employees become motivated and have an increased level of appreciation after participating in the headquarters training. They are also inspired by their colleagues nationwide to greatly change their ideas and standards. In the future, we will continue to improve our skills and increase the number of impressive salons throughout Kyushu with a base in Fukuoka, aiming for annual sales of 1 billion yen.

President Mr. Shinji Chiba

[Member for 15 years, Miyagi]

I joined the group because I came across the group’s original system of attracting customers and training programs for employees.
I used to work for a medical company. I was interested in the beauty industry, but I did not have experience, and mainly women are the staff members who work in this business. Thus, I hesitated to start the business. When I did start as a manager, it was in very uncertain circumstances. The number of customers per month was unstable, and I could not forecast sales. The employees did not stay with me for a long time, and I was always worried about both sales and employees. It was in these circumstances that I joined the group and put their original customer attraction system into practice. Now, I constantly gain more than 100 new customers per month, without advertisement.
The cosmetics we use at our salons are carefully manufactured at the group’s own factory. After visiting the factory, our staff members become more confident when explaining the advantages of the products. As a result, customers are satisfied with the products. With the sales from the repeated purchase of cosmetics, we exceeded the break-even point, and I could run my business with stable sales. Regarding the employee training, the group’s support system provides various trainings according to levels and ranks and develops the personnel required for the company.
We are planning to increase to up to 10 salons by 2020. I appreciate this wonderful environment and the opportunity to provide the workplace with more women. We want to be needed by society and will be a company that can contribute to the local society.
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