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Powertree Treatment
Totally New aesthetic tool, neither a hand nor a machine
  • Treatments, in general, stimulate the body by scrubbing, pressuring, and stroking etc. The Powertree can stimulate the body, which is not done by the hands.
  • It is designed by analyzing and studying the human body from an unique perspective.
  • Points and lines of the Powertree adjust body contours.
  • Relaxation and body design effect are expected, which is not attained by existing hands or machines treatments.
  • The Powertree fits every part of the body


    Healing line and slimming line working from fore, lateral and back angles, it fastens the body by stretching solid muscles. You can get slim and slender waist line.


    After stretching the soles by the strong point, the fit line softens soles to calves. It turns swollen calves into slim and beautiful legs.


    After softening the hip by the power point, the gentle curve slimming line gives shapes to thighs in a broad range and does up loose hip. It also fastens the body.


    Softening the upper arms by the healing line and the fit line, slim and sharp line can be attained. Delicately curved power tree works on loosen arms effectively.


    The strong point giving stable pressure, it softens around-the blade bone which often becomes stiff. Repeating it a few times, it makes the part more smooth.

    A qualification is necessary.
    Only those who are qualified as powertree therapist can conduct the powertree treatment. Diploma, a certificate, is given to one who has gotten the qualification.
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