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Best course of facial treatment
We will provide the MISS ESTHE course of facial treatment for various skin troubles detected through skin analysis.

We will provide the best course of facial treatment for a customer’s skin troubles or skin conditions that were detected through the skin analysis. Using a professional facial device “Neo Energy EX” that has 6 professional functions in a compact body, we can provide a variety of original treatments for addressing various skin troubles.

D-Sonic treatment

Removal of old keratin and dirt by scrubbing with a probe (using sonic vibration).

Meso treatment

Special electric pulse will deliver effective components deep into the skin* and create beautiful skin. *To the skin’s horny layer

Sonic treatment

A frequency of 1 MHz generated by 1 million times of vibration per second will work deep inside the skin.

Poreless treatment

Using very low electrical current to remove sebum stuck deep in pores without burdening the skin

Bio treatment

Special alternating cycles will affect the skin, creating smooth texture, and moisturization.

Mask treatment (6 types)

Masks based on skin condition will make resilient, textured, and healthy natural skin.

LED treatment

We use LED, well known for its effects for beautiful skin, and choose red, blue, or red + blue according to the customers’ skin conditions or the purpose of treatment.

※ Neo Energy Ex can be used in combination such as BIO treatment + Sonic treatment. (for example) Efficient treatment is possible because we can change the combination according to the conditions.
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