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We will provide management expertise accumulated through 30 years of experience in 5 areas.
We will provide our original management expertise
You will receive advice on the entire management process.

Our group* frequently gives presentations on good salon models and exchanges opinions about management at national conferences, seminars, and various trainings (salon manager training, leader training, and therapist training). We also will share with franchise owners our management expertise accumulated by our group.* We will provide various trainings on areas such as “personnel development” for the beauty industry, including salon manager training and therapist training, and trainings about important issues for salon management such as “attracting new customers” and “customer satisfaction.”

We bring 30 years of success of salon deployment of our group*
With our good results, we will support management.

Our group* has deployed※2 about 50 directly managed esthetic salons and about 100 franchise※1 salons. Additionally, the headquarters of our group※ has established a support system for franchise※1 owners. We have guaranteed reliability through our results and great success. Therefore, you can develop your business with ease.

* 2 As of March 2016
We offer effective training by our Academy with an official certificate of Nouvelle Esthetic
We will develop real professionals.

At our academy officially certified by Nouvelle Esthetic, which has an over 50-year history and tradition in France, we provide training with high-level curriculum for a basic course and an advance course. We will teach the knowledge and techniques essential for professionals, improvement in manner of service, and rich humanity so that people without experience in the industry can work as professionals.

Our group* provides a consistent system from research and development to manufacturing
Manufacturing reliable and safe products

Our group* is responsible for marketing, planning, research and development, manufacturing, and quality control of our cosmetics. We put priority on the real needs of customers and always pursue products with both high function and quality. We also use an enormous amount of skin analysis data obtained from our customers to develop raw materials and products.

We have ensured safety that supports manufacturing
Cooperation for manufacturing innovative products

Our group※ conducts basic research and evaluation research in cooperation with dermatologists who are mainly in the field of cosmetic dermatology. We also belong to the Japanese Dermatological Association, the Society of Esthetic Dermatology, the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society, the Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan, and the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association. We actively make presentations with Professor Shinichi Moriwaki, our consulting physician, at academic meetings.

Examining the effectiveness in wrinkle treatment by the application of electroporation

(The 27th annual meeting of the Society of Esthetic Dermatology)

Consulting physician of our group
  • [The dermatology department of Osaka Medical College]
  • Professor Shinichi Moriwaki
  • Dermatologist Doctor of medical science
  • Specialized in photodermatology, genodermatoses, and scabies
  • * President of the 31st annual meeting of the Society of Esthetic Dermatology (August 10 and 11 in 2013 in Kobe)
  • * Our group is comprised of Bloom Classic Co. Ltd., a parent company, and 11 domestic, 5 overseas subsidiaries.
    * 1 It is not an ordinary FC system. Please ask the staff for more details.
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